Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blog Hop "For Those Who are Left Behind"

Welcome to this Blog Hop! The deadline for the Blog Hop will be 9am MST Thursday July 5th. So, you have until then to visit as many of the blogs as you can.

The title of this Hop, "For Those Who are Left Behind", was decided on by a group of gals over at, a scrapbook store. Crop Chocolate, is having an onsite crop retreat called "The Spring Thing" in the State of Utah. However, I was unable to attend this year, and so while the lucky ones are in Utah, some of us who couldn't make it decided to have a Blog Hop so that we could get our "scrappy on" also.

Each stop along this blog hop will have a  "Challenge" posted. The challenges are created by the blog's author, and you need to follow each blogger's instructions to qualify for some goodies being given away by In addition, some of the Bloggers will be giving out "Blog Candy" on their Site. Just be sure to follow their individual instructions in order to qualify yourself for winning! Here is a list of the participating blogs. Visit them in order, or randomly as you find the time!

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I am giving away a very nice package for you stampers out there! And all I ask you to do is to become a follower of my blog (unless you already are), and to leave a comment at the end of this Post. I will determine who all followed those requirements, and then will randomly draw a winner from that group! I'm really hoping I can increase the number of followers I currently have, 33, to 50! So, good luck to all, and now on to my Challenge:

For my Challenge, I'm asking people to use their Alcohol Inks on a project of their choice. Use one or two colors, or as many as you like. You can use the inks on a card, a layout, a home decor item, or whatever your imagination comes up with! In order to give some inspiration, I am Posting a Tutorial I made using Alcohol Inks and a Candle!

Alcohol Inked Candle Project
1.      Supplies needed:
Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Inks of your color choice (by Ranger)
-White or Neutral color Pillar Candle(s)
-Disposable Gloves
-Masking Tape
-Non-Stick Protective Craft Mat (15”x18” Inkssentials by Ranger)
-Old Newspapers  
-Waxed Paper OR Palette Paper
-Paper Plate
-Cotton Balls or something similar (I used the cotton from a prescription bottle!)
-Mini Mister filled with Ranger Blending Solution (OPTIONAL).

Cover work surface with a layer or two of Newspapers. Place “Protective Craft Mat” on top of Newspapers (if you do not have a Protective Craft Mat, just add another layer or two of Newspapers). Place a sheet or two of Palette Paper(PP) OR Waxed Paper(WP) on top of your Previous Layers. Cut the PP or WP so that it is long enough to “roll” your Pillar Candle back and forth on. Usually about 12” is a good length.
2..      Cut a small piece of masking tape and wrap it around the Candle wick. This will protect it from getting stains on the white wick of the candle, and also give you a “handle” to rotate your candle with.

             3.    Now put the Disposable Gloves on. 
             4.    Pick out the “lightest” color of your Alcohol Inks, or the color you want to serve as a “base    color” for your project.
             5.   Lightly squeeze a trail of this color onto the sheet of Waxed Paper.
Begin rolling your Pillar Candle back and forth through this color, until your Candle has a nice coating of this color on all sides. 

                    6.  Now Stand Candle upright on a clear spot of your Waxed Paper. Squirt a little of same color on the top of the Candle, and use the Cotton to spread and cover this area of the Candle so the entire Candle is now the same color
                    7.  Pick a different color and begin “dripping” from the top edge of candle, letting the Ink drip and pool and form its own patterns. Drip the Ink all around the candle from the top edge, and completing a “circle” back to the starting point. It is helpful to hold the wick while turning the candle, as you will not leave any fingerprints in the ink and you can see the coverage you are getting from your second ink color.
8.      Repeat with as few or many ink colors as you choose. This is where color patterns really begin to show themselves. Just remember to completely circle the Candle with your Ink as you are dripping it down. That way the Candle does not have any “empty” spots

                        9.   When you have finished with your Inks, place Candle onto a paper plate to dry.
Dry for about 24 hours If you want, embellish your candle with ribbon, charms, etc.. After 24 hours, all the alcohol has evaporated and you are free to burn and enjoy the Candle! Below are photos of the Candle, Embellished.

-Colors used on this project are: Sail Boat Blue; Wild Plum; Purple Twilight; Sunshine Yellow. For the base color on this project, I used the “Sail Boat Blue”. I did NOT use the Mini Mister for this candle.
-After you have made a Candle and are feeling comfortable with the process, try making a second candle. For this candle, you can turn it up a notch by using a “Mini Mister” filled with Alcohol Blending Solution, and spray the Solution on various parts of the Inked Candle. This will give you a look similar to the effect you get if you ever used salt on watercolor paints.  The Blending Solution will spread the color and somewhat “lift” some of the color if you have a spot that has too much color or is too dense.
-Below are pictures of a Candle made using “The Alcohol Blending Solution” Technique.

I hope you have enjoyed using your Alcohol Inks to make a unique and beautiful candle. Just remember, you decide when you are finished. If you are happy with how your candle looks after using two colors, then you are finished. If you want to add more colors, then do that. Just be careful and look all around the candle as you add each color. You do not want to add TOO much, or you may end up with a “muddy” look. Most importantly, Have FUN!!


  1. Char-your blog looks GREAT and I just love that candle project!! I will try it one day...
    I am already a follower but I hope you get to you goal of 50!

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  3. This candle is awesome! I have never used alcohol inks so this will be a REAL challenge for me! lol

  4. This is going to be a challenge for me! I never used alcohol inks, and by fluke received 1 bottle yesterday!! woohoo! great candle!

  5. Great Challenge! I am now a follower but unfortunately I don't have any alcohol inks to partake in this one :( But your candle turned out beautiful!

  6. Wow, what a pretty project! I'm now #36 follower. Yay!

  7. Awesome candle! I didn't know you could do that with ink. I'm following your blog... but I don't have alcohol ink either. :/ Thanks for helping with this fun hop!

  8. I'm a new're up to 40...go, go, GO!! Great playing with alcohol inks....will be fun to play!

  9. New follower!

    Your candle turned out gorgeous! I do own one alcohol ink. I'll have to see what I can come up with!

  10. I'm your newest follower! How i miss your blog before? Glad I'm following now. I've been wanting to try one of these candles. i bought the candles awhile back and everything, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe you're just the inspiration I need! Hopefully, I'll be back before July 5 to link up a project.

    scrap happy on CC

  11. Beautiful candle!! Hmm... will have to see if I have any alcohol inks in my stash.

  12. I have joined making it 43. Almost there. Good luck.

    Your candle is amazing! what a clever idea. I will have to see if I have any plain candles to try that on.

    LinEmer on CC

  13. Here is the link to my alcohol ink project!

  14. I'm back with an alcohol ink project. It's not a candle, but I wanted to use some CC products and I had this CC tin. Hope you like it! scrap happy
    My link is:

    1. Great job on your project,Julie! I really like the alcohol ink colors you used, and the "pattern" they created!

  15. I'm following! And I did my FIRST EVER alcohol ink "thing". It was part of a scrapbook page:

    The alcohol ink is on the metal tag. (Hey, it's a start!) See this link for a close-up:

    Thanks for the challenge! I tried something new.... Now, to go buy some more inks :)

    PS I'm karey2005 on CC.

  16. Beautiful candle!! I'm following, but don't own any alcohol ink...probably won't be able to post an entry, but love the idea!! Thanks! (Mom2Two-Jenni)

  17. Your candle is beautiful. I haven't used alcohol inks very much so this is going to be fun.

  18. Beautiful candles! I hope to try them someday. I had to opt for a simpler project. I used alcohol inks to ink up some floral pins. I have never used pins before and have hardly used alcohol inks, so it was a good challenge!
    Here is my link

    1. I don't know if that link will work
      Try this

  19. Here is my link to my project! Thanks for the challenge....I love the chance to play with alcohol inks!

  20. Holy smokes, that candle is amazing! This was my first attempt at using alcohol inks... I was very limited b/c I'm currently traveling and belatedly realized I should have packed differently in order to scrap more efficiently. Still, I thank you for the inspiration! I'm now a follower of your blog and here's a link to my project:

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  22. I love your candle, it's gorgeous ! I'm already a follower. Here's my entry for your challenge.

  23. I've done it!!! I used alcohol ink in a spray bottle with water and misted my lace and white flowers, Came out rather nice---first time I used alcohol inks!

  24. Follower #47 here. You're almost there! I wish I had more time for these projects - I just got some new alcohol inks and have been dying to use them. Thanks for the challenge!

  25. I love that candle, what a neat project. Great Blog. I am following you now. My project for you is the third on down on my blog! I made a shrinky heart using alcohol ink! I am now a follower too!

  26. Thanks for the challenge and great candle (such a unique way of using the inks)!!! I am now following you (#47). My entry for your challenge is the sixth/last one in the following post:

  27. I haven't made the time to make a project for your challenge and due to the late hour and my schedule tomorrow I am afraid I won't. I was hoping to; I had an idea..

  28. Follower #49! Still loving the candles.. have bought a few more inks so I can try this out. Since I didn't get them done for Mothers Day, maybe they would be good Xmas presents?

  29. GREAT tutorial and great challenge! Thanks so much for participating in this. Here's my link to my projects:

    Kathy (clayton528 on Cc)